Which are your best selling months?

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Which are your best selling months?

Chantal Cornelius, Appletree MarketingI?m currently reading Faff by Mike Pagan. He gave me a copy a couple of months ago when he presented at a meeting I attended (click here for more information about the meeting and a link to Mike?s website.) Mike?s book is a collection of articles and ideas and one that got me thinking is about the best months for selling. He says that only six months of each year are fully available for proper selling. For example, January isn?t a full month because of the New Year (and post Christmas) holiday. He also says that July, August and September are out because of summer holidays. This will of course change for different businesses and you may have different high and low months if your business is seasonal.

I looked at Mike?s table of when proper selling can take place and it worried me. If you?re really looking to grow your business, setting out thinking that you can only really sell during six months of the year will really limit you. If you want to grow, then I believe that you shouldn?t limit yourself to just six months of the year. Some people don?t celebrate Christmas, or they go back to work early in the New Year, so you can get started early. Some people do take a holiday in July or August, but not everyone on your prospect list will go away ? and not for the whole two months ? so don?t stop following up with prospects. If you get to know your clients and your prospects, you?ll get to know when they?re away and when they?re receptive to your call. Use all the time you have available for selling and plan when you?re going to use different tactics and campaigns to promote different services, for the most effective, year round selling.

What will you be promoting this month? What?s this month?s sales offer?

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