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Friday 12 February 2010
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Thursday 18 February 2010
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When not to network


Is there a time not to go networking?

Yesterday we had a really busy day in the office, with some tricky issues to sort out. By 5pm I was ready for the TV and a glass of wine. Before I left the office I checked my diary for today and realised that I’d booked to go to a breakfast networking meeting at 8am this morning. That means getting up earlier than usual; a 20 minute drive to the meeting, instead of the usual 5 minute walk to my office; and being bright, interested and enthusiastic, instead of warming up gently in front of my computer. Given the day I’d just had, I didn’t see this happening, so I sent the organiser an email with my apologies.

Does it matter if you turn up at a networking meeting and you’re not on top form? I think so. If you’re not able to present yourself at your best, show interest in everyone there and put some enthusiasm into what you do and say, you won’t get the best from your time (and money); you could also do yourself and your business reputation more harm. Do you want to spend time with people who are yawning into their breakfast and not listening to what you’re telling them?

So, the next time you’re planning a networking meeting, think about how you’re feeling. If you’re up for it, go for it; if not, treat yourself to a dog walk in the rain and a peaceful morning in the office!

And if you need some help with your networking – including knowing when not to go – come to one of our interactive workshops in March and April. Click here to find out how not to network.


  1. Good post as ever Charlotte,

    I too have been guilty of this! I say guilty because I believe if we commit to attend something then we really should make the effort.

    I also have the wise words of the late Jim Rohn in my head. He said you have to ‘be at the assembly’ and he wasn’t talking about school! He explained that however busy we get we should never miss the opportunity to network and meet new people and old friends. He said we would never know what amazing opportunity we had missed when we cry off attending.

    Worth considering!

  2. Chantal says:

    Good morning Norman!

    Jim Rohn is right about never missing a networking opportunity, especially with old friends and old contacts. I still believe though, that it’s better not to attend if you’re really not feeling up to it and you’re likely to call someone by the wrong name!

  3. Ken Norman says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Ken NORMAN here.
    Ah, remembering people’s names – now there’s a thing.
    Some Top Tips for doing just that here:

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