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Friday 1 April 2011
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Wednesday 6 April 2011
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Watch out for our new website


We?re building a brand new website for Appletree, so I thought I?d let you know how we?re doing it and how we do it for clients.

The first thing we did was to ask ourselves lots of questions about how we want our new site to look. We looked other websites that we really like and worked out what we like about them. Our own blog is one site that we like, especially the line of bright apples at the top. While there?s a lot on the page, it?s all balanced, unlike our existing website which has lots of white space at the top and sections that don?t flow together. The apples and our logo don?t go together very well.

We also talked about the structure of our new website ? what pages we?re going to include and all the elements we want to show on the home page. These include a sign up form for Scribbles, our email newsletter and sections were we can promote our new products and services. This new site is going to be very dynamic with lots going on and lots of news and fresh resources being added.

Alice took all the notes we made and worked her magic on the first draft of the design ? here?s how it looked.

It?s great start ? cleaner and more modern that our existing site. However, I?d like the colours of the new site to match the row of apples because they?re much brighter. No more pale green background, please Alice!

We also thought the new home page was a bit busy, so we?re taking the background boxes off the section titles in the columns and changing the text from white to bright green. Below is the next version. Much better!

What do you think of our proposed new website?

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