Using radio to promote your business ? part one

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Friday 24 December 2010
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Friday 31 December 2010
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Using radio to promote your business ? part one


I recently was invited to give a radio interview, so I thought I?d share with you my tips for getting on air and how you can use the radio to promote your business or your favourite good cause.

In September I ran a charity event, so a couple of months beforehand I sent out a press release to a number of local magazines and papers. I live in Berkshire and the event was being held just over the border in Oxfordshire, so I put together a targeted list of journals that cover each area, which are read by the sort of people I wanted to tell about the event. One of the magazines sent my details to a freelance journalist who asked me if he could come to the event and interview me and take photos ? I jumped at the chance!

After the event, a two page spread, including photos, appeared in the magazine ? a great result in itself. A week later I received an email from BBC Radio Oxford, asking if I would go into the studio to give an interview ? another chance I jumped at. I was asked to send some background information and then the interview was booked for 30 November.

I arrived early so I could have a chat with the presenter and talk to her producer. This was definitely worth doing, as I discovered some common ground with the presenter. Afterwards, both she and her producer asked me to keep in touch with news of the project ? something I will definitely do, as it may result in more air time. I have also invited the journalist who wrote the article to next year?s event and who knows what that will result in!

So, in summary:

  1. Compile a targeted list of journalists and radio stations that can give you coverage
  2. Send a press release and follow it up if you have time
  3. Agree to any interviews you?re offered and send plenty of background information
  4. Spend time getting to know your interviewer and keep in touch with them!

Sounds simple, doesn?t it! It can take a bit of persistence and it will pay off.

In part two, coming soon, I?ll share with you some tips on how to give a great interview.

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