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Monday 24 June 2013
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Friday 28 June 2013
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It’s Come to an End.

Last month I was promoted! I was promoted from marketing apprentice to marketing assistant, very exciting stuff. Whilst the new promotion has brought me a new job title and pay rise, it doesn’t feel that different. The biggest relief is knowing that I no longer have to complete a work portfolio!

Now that my apprenticeship has finished, I’m circling a roundabout deciding which road to follow. Each road has its positives and negatives and each is without a doubt worth my time.  I do however need to spend some time studying what each road has to offer, and which is best for me at this moment in time.  I suspect one of the main issues is I want drive down each road as I feel each will benefit me now.

Naturally the next step for somebody in my situation would be to start a course with the charted institute of marketing (CIM). They offer a wide range of marketing courses that would appeal to anyone working in marketing, I think in total I want to complete roughly 5 or 6 of the courses. The CIM courses would be perfect for anyone looking to progress in marketing as they look very good on your CV. As the courses are very costly (but worth it) I am still deciding which to take. There a lot of other options to consider but I know that I would like to start a CIM within the next year.

I would like to personally thank a few people for helping me out in my apprenticeship, I really appreciate the help I received from these people.   So – in alphabetical order, I would like to thank Chantal Cornelius of Appletree, Diana Philips of Newbury College (my assessor), Debbie Rushton of Appletree and Matt Batterton of Open Imagination. These people have been brilliant and really helped to improve my marketing knowledge and insight.

Thank you for following my apprentice story! I hope that these set of blogs have given you an insight as to a working life for an apprentice.  So what happens now? Our new apprentice Dale will start a blog on his apprenticeship in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out. Thank you again for following my first steps in marketing, I’ve had an amazing year and look forward to what the future will bring. So when you need any marketing advice, you know where to look.

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