In the A-Z of Marketing Experts – L is for Lisa Newport

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In the A-Z of Marketing Experts – L is for Lisa Newport

The Marketing Expert for this letter is the lovely Lisa Newport, who runs the My Ruby Slippers Style Academy.

I first met Lisa at a speaking event in December 2018 and her colours, style and image really stood out. We met again in January this year when Lisa attended one of my free Marketing Reviews, where we chatted about the marketing that she was doing and I gave her some suggestions for improving it. So if she came to me for a Marketing Review, why do I think that she’s already a Marketing Expert? Because she has a very clever marketing tool that she uses to great effect.

Suits You!

Lisa has a natural eye for colour and style and she helps her clients to find what suits them. Have you ever noticed how great you feel when you’re wearing something that fits well and that suits you? Do you receive compliments and comments such as “You look really well” when you’re wearing colours that really work for you? Lisa helps her clients to only wear the colours and styles that work for them – that fit their body shape and also their personal style.

Let me give you an example. I have light mousy brown hair, ‘cool’ skin and eyes that change from blue to green, depending on what I’m wearing. The overall look is quite muted. Which means that when I wear black, I look like death warmed up. If I wear brown, I disappear into the background. But when I wear vibrant blues and greens, soft reds, bright pinks – or any of my other colours – then I stand out. My face and eyes look brighter. Most importantly, I feel good. It’s really important to feel good – confident and positive – when you go to a meeting with a potential client, when you walk into a networking meeting, or when you stand on stage to speak to an audience.

The same applies to me for style. I don’t do flouncy skirts and beads, but put me in a tailored dress and a pair of knee length boots and I am very happy! My style is quite ‘classic’ (think Chanel) with a dash of ‘dramatic’ thrown in – which is why the smart dress works with the boots.

If you get your colours or your style wrong, you can end up looking like a dog’s dinner. This applies to men as well as women.

Seasonal Interest

The way in which Lisa helps her clients to find their colours is through a seasonal system. All of us – men and women – fit into one of the four seasons, based on the colour and tone of our hair, skin and eyes and the overall effect they produce.

You are either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Can you guess which I am? (The first correct answer will receive a free copy of my book, One in Ten. Click here to enter.)

One of the marketing activities that Lisa uses to promote her business is networking. She regularly turns up looking fabulous, showing everyone how to do it properly. And of course she gives out her business cards.

But here’s the clever bit – Lisa has four different business cards, one for each of the seasons. On the back of each card are the colours that you can wear and Lisa will give the appropriate card to each person she meets.

So if you’re Spring, Lisa will give you her Spring card, so that you have her contact details and also a sample of colours in which you’ll look great. You can keep the card in your wallet and take it with you when you go shopping. You can use it to help you find colours that suit you and save you wasting money on impulse purchases that you’ll probably never wear!

Lisa’s card idea is a great way to help her prospects to always have her contact details at their finger tips. She’s there for them on each shopping trip and when it all goes a bit a wrong and they’re just not sure which pink is best for them, who do you think they will call, to book a style session or 1-2-1 personal shopping trip?

Not everyone’s business is as visual as Lisa’s, but do have a think about what else you can do to help stay at the front of the minds of your potential clients. What else can you do to stand out?

Need to understand what colours and style suit you best? Get in touch with Lisa at to see how she can help.

And if you would like to book a free 1-2-1 Marketing Review with me, click here to email me.

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