How Can You Build up Your Credibility?

“How Can I Grow My Business When No One Has Heard of Me?”
Wednesday 6 July 2016
Use Videos to Build up Your Credibility
Wednesday 20 July 2016
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How Can You Build up Your Credibility?

How Can You Build up Your Credibility?

One of the most important marketing tools is credibility. Without it, potential clients won’t believe you when you say that you can help them. They will not learn to trust you and without that trust, they won’t buy from you. So how do you prove your credibility?

In last week’s blog, which you can read here, we talked about a number of marketing activities that you can use to build up your credibility, especially if you are new in business, or you don’t yet have the reputation that you’re looking for. Here I want to look in more detail at how you can use your marketing content to build your credibility.

Be consistent, because ad hoc marketing does not work. Create a schedule and stick to it. I post a new blog every Wednesday and Scribbles, our email newsletter, is always published on the third Wednesday of each month. If you usually publish a post every week and suddenly you stop, your credibility will suffer. However, when you consistently deliver content, each post boosts your reputation.

Be consistent with your message. Find your voice and stick to it. For as long as I’ve been running Appletree, our blogs and newsletters have been about giving free advice and ideas. They’re written in a business like, yet friendly style. If I start telling you what I had for breakfast on Twitter, you’re going to get a mixed message – and probably stop reading! It’s important to have a consistent style and message and build on them.

Make your content perfect. Before you post or publish anything, check it, run it through a spell checker, read it out loud, have some else check it and then check it again! I’m not the world’s best proof reader, so I rely on other members of the team helping me to make sure our content is perfect.

Don’t tell them – show them. Don’t spend your time telling someone how to do something – show them. With written content you can use stories and case studies to show what you mean. If you’re speaking at an event, it is even easier to show your audience how to do something. I love running workshops and webinars on marketing and really enjoy working directly with the audience, helping them to solve their marketing issues.

Focus on your audience. The best way to build credibility and earn trust is to give your audience the answers they need. Take the time to get to know your audience, listen to them and then create content that meets needs they didn’t even know they had. Offer so much more value than anyone else, and you can start building lasting relationships with your audience.

Think about how you can use your marketing content to build the credibility that you need to grow your business. In next week’s blog we’ll look in even more detail at a specific marketing tool that you can use to really boost your credibility. In the meantime, if you need some pointers or you’re not sure how best to use content to build your credibility, just get in touch and we’ll have a chat about it. Call 01635 578 500 or click here to email me

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