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Tuesday 16 July 2013
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Friday 19 July 2013
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Hello – New Apprentice

My name is Dale Cooke, the newest addition to the Appletree Family and their second Apprentice. I started working with Appletree at the end of June. I have been here around 3 weeks and I’ve learnt lots and I’m enjoying it much more than I expected to. At the start of my new career direction here with Appletree I had no idea what went on in the world of marketing. As far as I knew it was all about TV adverts and leaflet dropping. I decided to write this Blog so I can take you through my journey as an apprentice.

When I started my search for an Apprenticeship I had no idea what I wanted to do let alone what options were out there. As far as I knew an Apprenticeship was generally in a trade like; Plumbing, Electrical and building. So when I saw the advertisement for a Marketing Apprentice my interest caught immediatley.

So I applied and after a successful phone interview I was invited to come meet Chantal (and the dog, horse and cats.) For the first time I left an interview feeling confident and happy. This feeling was correct because a few days later I was invited back to meet the rest of the team. This gave me the opportunity to ask the questions I couldn’t ask the boss.  Getting home that day I had a missed call asking me to give Chantal a call back, she told me that Yan and Debbie had made a decision that they would like me to start as soon as possible.

In my first few weeks I have learnt so much from how to schedule Tweets and Blogs to doing SEO. This has been really enjoyable as its working with things that I use in my personal life but had no idea how they worked, I had no idea how the words I use to search on Google work. Now I know how to help a website rank higher using those words and how to do keyword research to find the best words to use.

So should you follow me on this journey? If you want to see what I am learning through the year, how things are changing in the world of Marketing and what it’s like as an apprentice, then yes you should. I’ll hopefully improve my Blog writing skills in the process too.

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