Does blogging have an etiquette?

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Wednesday 21 July 2010
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Monday 26 July 2010
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Does blogging have an etiquette?


People have various concepts of what constitutes blogging etiquette. Of course there are the obvious ones like being nice to other bloggers, and much of these suggestions are just common sense, so no etiquette is set in stone and does rely on the goodwill of the bloggers themselves.

Here are some to consider:

1. Don?t be rude, show respect and be polite to other bloggers and commenters.

2. Don?t copy other content without asking first. If you are given permission, fully acknowledge the author.

3. Remember to link to your resources and expert sources.

4. Don?t expect anything in return from linking to others, it?s not compulsory.

5. Respond to your comments in a cheerful, positive and thankful manner.

6. Don?t leave spammy comments on other people?s blogs.

7. Use your identity when blogging, don?t hide behind a persona.

8. Own up to your mistakes, it makes you more human and therefore likeable.

9. Stick to the subject of your posts or blog?s niche, don?t go off at a tangent.

10. Use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, avoid text speak or colloquial language.

11. Don?t pepper your post with jargon.

12. Don?t overdo using keywords for SEO purposes, less than 10% is acceptable.

13. Check what you say is true by researching your facts properly, and never lay claim to content that isn?t yours.

14. Share good posts liberally on social networking sites.

15. Remember everything you publish is on public display, so check whether you really want to say it.

16. Don?t swear or use bad words, it isn?t impressive and can offend.

17. Make sure your pictures are suitably resized, to prevent lengthy downloading of your overlarge images.

How many others so you know of?

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