Do you really fit the best with Everest?

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Friday 17 June 2011
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Do you really fit the best with Everest?


At the weekend we ordered some double glazing for our house, to replace the drafty windows that let the heat out in the winter. We called Everest on the Friday and got an appointment with a salesman the following day. He turned up with lots of samples and talked us through all the options. He showed us a press release from a few years ago, when Everest was taken to court over their strap line ? Fit the Best. A slightly disgruntled customer accused them of not actually being ?the best? and the Advertising Standards Authority got involved.

So they went out to prove that they are the best! How do you do that? Well in the case of Everest, they spent a lot of time and money sending their products to independent labs, to be compared against those of their competitors. And the results came back to say that yes, they are the best! Impressive!

Our friendly salesman didn?t have one sample that we really wanted to look at, so he arranged to collect the sample and bring it back the next day ? a Sunday. He put in a lot of effort to talk us through the options and in the end, we decided to order our new windows from Everest. We know that they?re not the cheapest, so why have we decided to spend more money? The main reason is due to the reputation of Everest. The company has been around for over 40 years and they?re showing no sign of packing up over night. They train their fitters very highly and check up on them on a regular basis.

And the day after we placed our order, we had a call from the customer service department, asking for feedback on the lovely salesman. That?s what you pay for when you pay for ?the best?!

Have you noticed how Gillett no longer advertise their products as ?the best a man can get??

How can you prove that you?re the best?

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