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Friday 17 February 2012
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Building a bridge to your goals

Rachel is a very brave, inspirational lady. A few years ago she made some major changes to her life and now she does exactly what she wants. Her life is full of adventure and she takes her clients on amazing adventures. She gives inspirational talks about how to reach your goals and overcome all sorts of challenges.

And yet something is not right. She doesn?t have as many clients as she?d like; and she doesn?t earn as much as she?d like to. Rachel spends a lot of time trying to do her own marketing because she can?t afford to pay an expert to do it quickly and properly. She struggles to get things done and it takes a lot longer than it should. And yet Rachel knows exactly where she?s going. She has great goals that she?s aiming for.

So what?s the problem? Well, as someone pointed out to Rachel, she has a destination to get to, but she doesn?t have a bridge to get her there. She doesn?t have a plan for her business or her marketing!

It?s great to know where you?re going ? in fact, you really need to know where you?re going, or you?ll just end up running around in circles. But if you have a huge goal, like doubling your monthly turnover in 12 months, it could be a huge leap to get there. If you?ve got 12 months in which to achieve this big goal, unless you set yourself milestones along the way, and have a plan for achieving each one, then you might wake up at the start of the final month and realise that your monthly turnover is nowhere near what it needs to be, to help you achieve your big goal.

On 20 March 2012 I?m running another one of our very popular half day workshops ? SOS Your Marketing. In just a few hours we?ll take you through a clever marketing planning process that I?ve been using successfully for many years. We?ll look at where your business is now and where you want to be ? your goals. Then we?ll help you build the bridge you need to get you there, building up your marketing gradually over time. There are only a few places left on this workshop, being held in Chalgrove in Oxfordshire. It costs just £10 with the proceeds going to charity, so if you want to build a bridge to the success of your business, click here to book your place.

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