In the A-Z of Marketing – G is for Generosity

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Wednesday 7 March 2018
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In the A-Z of Marketing – G is for Generosity

There’s a marketing strategy that you won’t find in any marketing book. It’s not covered by any courses that you can attend, to learn about marketing. You mind find it if you google it, but you probably won’t find an online course to teach you about it. This marketing strategy is something that many traditional salesmen disapprove of. Even some marketing consultants disapprove of this strategy.

However, if you’re a coach, consultant or trainer, this marketing strategy is one of the most effective strategies that you can use to promote your business and turn more prospects into actual clients. If you’ve read the title of this blog, you’ll have figured out by now that this much underrated marketing strategy is Generosity.

When you’re a coach, consultant or trainer, you’re selling yourself – your own time, expertise and experience. You can’t put any of these things into a box and stick a label and a price on them. So how do you show people exactly what they’re going to get from you? You need ways to demonstrate how you can help to solve the problems that your prospects are struggling with. You need to show them that you know what you’re talking about and that you can actually put your expertise into practice.

So how do you demonstrate your expertise and experience? How can you prove to your prospects that you can really help them? One of the best ways to do this is through generosity. Let me give you some examples:

  • Networking – you meet a potential client at a networking event. He knows a bit about what you do and asks “Do you mind if I pick your brain about that?” How do you respond? “Of course. I charge £100 an hour – what would you like to know?” Or do you ask him more about his issue and give him as much advice as you can, in the time that you have? Being generous with your time when you meet a prospect is a very simple way of demonstrating your expertise. Answer their questions as best you can, without expecting anything in return – including money – and they will be more likely to remember you than the person who only gives when you pay them.


  • Speaking – many networking events invite people to speak to their groups. You probably won’t get paid for doing this – although you might be treated to a free breakfast – and that’s fine. Why? Because you can use your time on stage to be generous. You can share your expertise through tips and advice. No sales pitch or spending all your time boring your audience with your life story and how great you are. Think about the problems that people in the audience will be dealing with and craft a talk that gives the solutions to some of those problems. The audience will remember your generosity and will be happier to pay for more advice when they need it.


  • Writing – every two weeks I write and post a blog – just like this one that you’re reading. They’re full of marketing ideas for you to try out in your service business. I don’t charge anyone for reading my blogs or expect anything in return. I use these blogs to show you what I know about marketing and I give away as much advice as I can. I could share with you three of my top ten tips and tell you to go to my website where you can buy the other seven. But that’s not the way I like to do marketing or business. I know that as and when you’re ready, if you need me, you’ll get in touch and ask for some marketing help.

These are just three ways in which you can use generosity to promote your business (and you’ll find lots more suggestions on my website – all for free, of course!) I’ve used generosity to successfully promote Appletree for many years, so I know that it works. If you’d like to know more, or you need some more advice on how best to use generosity to grow your business, just get in touch. Click here to email me or call me on 01635 578 500 and I will give you as much (free) advice as I can!

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