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Did you know that YouTube is second most used search engine, behind Google?

I was surprised when I heard this recently. It turns out that more and more people are searching for what they need, or the answer to their problem, by hunting through the images on YouTube, instead of looking through the words on search engines like Google. We don't have to rely on what we can read – now we can watch and listen to the solution we’re looking for.

Are you using YouTube yet? I hope that this issue of Scribbles will persuade you that it's now time! Click here to let me know your views on using YouTube for business.

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Are You Using YouTube Yet?

Some people learn and absorb information by reading text. Others prefer to watch images, or listen to what someone else has to say. This is one of the reasons that the use of videos in business is on the increase. For 8 years I've been writing this email newsletter, expecting you to just read the words. Yet you might prefer to listen to what I have to say, or even watch me talking to you.

There are many ways you can use videos in your business:

Don't just take my word for it. Testimonials from happy clients have been used as a marketing tool for a very long time. A few words about how pleased someone is with your service can go a long way to help persuade others to work with you. However, it's very easy to write your own testimonials and just put names to them. Can you prove that someone else really said that? Did a client really say such lovely things about you?

Asking a client to talk about your business on film is real proof of what they think of you. While you could write a script for your client to say, if they don't believe what they're saying, it will show in their face and their voice.

Click here to see an example of a genuine, unscripted client testimonial, filmed with the supplier banned from the room and unable to influence what was said!

Talk about your business. If you provide a service, or high cost products, you know that people really do buy people. Someone has to trust you before they will spend their money with you. Face to face networking is a great way to build up this trust, but you can't spend all your time networking and you can only reach so many people. Instead, you can use videos on your website, to add the personal touch and to reach out to a national or even international audience. Click here for an example using a video to help website visitors get to know you.

How do I ... ? The internet is the best place to find out how to do something – how to use a tool, how to prune a tree, how to service your car – you can learn almost anything. You don't need to read the manual anymore – you can watch a short video and get the job done much quicker.

Click here for a lesson that I watch whenever I need a lift.

Speaking out. If you speak in public or give presentations to promote your business, or as a paid speaker, you need to show people what you can do. The next time you're in front of an audience, make sure there's a camera pointing at you. You can put snippets of your talk online to show event promoters and organisers just how great you are and why they should book you.

Click here to watch someone using his experience as a famous sportsman to help people develop great businesses.

Has that given you enough food for thought? Are you ready to have a go at using videos to promote your business?

Click here to share your views about using video, by answering my question on LinkedIn.


The Main Event

One of the ways that we use videos with our clients is by taking one of our business partners with us to events, so they can film the proceedings.

Our client might be giving a presentation or running a workshop or seminar.

Professional cameras, sound and lighting, followed by creative editing, all  result in a range of video products of different lengths, that our clients can sell, give away or use to promote their businesses.

Contact us if you'd like to have a go at creating promotional videos for your business!


Monthly Momentum

Another way in which we use videos with our clients is by making a short film every month and creating a mini-marketing campaign around each one.

We help write your script and will film you talking through it, or 'doing it' for a 'how to' video. Then some clever editing is done and we launch you onto YouTube.

A new campaign each month builds the momentum.

Get in touch if you'd like to know how you can start using YouTube to promote your business.


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