How to get started on writing a book

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Having recently published my second book, I’ve been speaking about it a lot at the networking events I attend. Many of the people I meet tell me how much they’d like to write a book, but that they just don’t know where to start.

This issue of Scribbles is full of tips that can help you get started with writing and publishing something! It also contains a great way to get you going, that can even earn you some money.

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How to Get Started on Writing a Book

Writing your first book is not as daunting as you think. We’re not talking about War and Peace here! You don’t need to write thousands of pages of brilliant prose and ideas that no one else has ever expressed before. Your book can be about you, your story, your take on things or your way of doing it.

Here are some ideas to get you putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard):

Start small. Rather than trying to write a whole book, why not start with an ebook? Instead of writing a book with ten chapters, pick just one topic and write a short ebook about it.

Get creative. To write a book, you don’t have you lock yourself in a dark room until it’s finished. Find somewhere that inspires you and you’ll find it much easier to encourage the words to flow.

Write about what you know. Too many people think that everything they write has to be original. Well it will be, if you write it (rather than copy what someone else has already written.) Your book is your story and that will be unique. 

Share your expertise. One of the best ways to build up your reputation is by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Writing an ebook and giving it away for free will really help you build your reputation in this way.

 Use some of these tips and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to write your first book.


Introducing the Low Waffle Guides

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