How Do You Avoid Social Media Suicide?

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Did you know that there are about 100 million uses on Twitter (when this newsletter was first published in June 2012)?

And that around 30% of FTSE 100 companies rely on LinkedIn for recruitment?

Or that two students have recently been sent down from Oxford University for posting drunken photos of themselves on Facebook?

Social Media is huge and getting bigger. If you want to keep up with your competitors and keep your business in the picture with your clients, you need to be using it. But you also need to know how to use if effectively, without committing Social Media suicide. In this issue of Scribbles I've brought you a number of blog posts that should help you avoid getting wrong!

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How Do You Avoid Social Media Suicide?

Here are just a few of my tips for using Social Media and getting it right, to save you some time and money:

You need a plan for your Social Media. Ad hoc marketing does not work, no matter what tools you use, so do some planning to get it write.

Click here for a 5 step plan.

Whatever marketing you do, you need to integrate it, to make sure you've got a clear message and that all your marketing activities are pulling in the same direction.

Click here to find out how to integrate your online marketing.

Creating a Special Effect with Social Media. This charity really knows how to use Social Media to raise funds, spread the word and get new supporters involved in what they do.

Click here to read about the Special Effect way of using Social Media.

How do you avoid committing Social Media suicide? Or have you got it badly wrong in the past? Share your ideas (or accidents) with the world by clicking here to answer this question on LinkedIn.


Social Media Suicide

Are you terrified of Twitter? Do you loathe LinkedIn? Are you flustered by Facebook? If you are and yet you want to use Social Media to promote your business, come along to my next workshop on 24 July 2012 near Wantage, Oxfordshire for just £35.

In this full day session we'll help you put together a plan that will help you save time and money, and avoid Social Media suicide. Click here for online booking.


Simple Social Media

Hot off the press from Appletree Publications, this book is full of tips about how best to use Social Media. Click here to order your copy.


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