What's the Point of Planning Your Marketing?

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I often meet people who tell me that their marketing is not working. When I ask about what marketing they're doing, they often tell me that they've tried this, that and the other, often just once or over a short period of time. They do a bit here and a bit there, depending on how much time, money or energy they have. And then they get busy doing their work and don't do any marketing for a while.

In other words, they don't take the time to plan their marketing. This, I believe, is the key to successful marketing. In this issue of Scribbles I've pulled together some posts from our blog, that all focus on aspects of Marketing Planning. Take a look and let me know whether or not you take the time to plan by clicking here.

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Planning Points

Here are some of my blog posts that explain why planning is so important and that share some tips on how to do it effectively.

Can You Do Your Own Marketing? Many new or small businesses try to do it all themselves. Here are some tips on how to plan for the growth of your business and where to go for help.

Click here to read more about doing your own marketing.

Why Now is a Great Time to do Marketing Planning - Is there ever a bad time to plan your marketing? Don't leave it to the end of the year, or put it into your New Year's Resolutions.

Click here to find out when is a good time to plan your marketing.

Building a Bridge to Your Goals - The best way to reach your goals is by planning the route you need to take to get there.

Click here to read how one of our clients realised what was missing in her marketing.

Short, medium and long term goals - because breaking your huge goals down into manageable steps makes them easier to reach.

Click here to read about how to do this.

Do You Plan Your Marketing?

Do you time the time to plan your marketing, or do you just wing it and see what happens? Click here to answer this question on LinkedIn and share your thoughts and ideas with a wide audience.


How to Beat Feast and Famine

Ever have months when you're so busy you don't know which way is up ... only to be followed by a month with nothing to do and no money coming in?

You're not alone and there is a way to get off the Feast and Famine rollercoaster. Our next workshop is on 29 May 2012 in Oxford and places are limited. Click here for more information and to book your place for just £35 +VAT.


Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

If you've ever wondered how to attract to your business the sort of clients you really want to work with, come to a talk I'm giving near Henley on 30 April 2012, from 5.30pm.

Click here to request more information.


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