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Friday 13 September 2013
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Social or Not To Social?

The media with which we communicate as individuals and businesses is constantly changing and evolving, reflecting the changes in technology and preferences in consumption of content. A revolution in media is taking place, by the choices made by millions, to create and share content online. The question is do you want to be a part of this revolution or just sit on the sideline and be a spectator?

Social networks are not a new concept. As humans we have always had social connections, but the difference is that now social networks are not restricted to physical friends, family and acquaintances. Our social network is now visible, public and easily accessible. This easy accessibility and visibility gets us an easy connection with companies, brands and people we like.

Social media has completely changed the way individuals engage with businesses. The complaints and appreciation are no longer traditional; they are instant online reactions. The ecosystem of social media is diverse, connected and multifaceted, founded on relationships, passions and yearning to be connected.

Do you know how long some of the social media platforms been around? Here is a quick list on when some of the social media were founded:

  • LinkedIn – 5th May, 2003
  • Facebook – 3rd Feb 2004
  • YouTube – 14th Feb 2005
  • Twitter – 21st March 2006
  • Pinterest – January 2010
  • Google Plus – 28th June 2012

The big players of the market like Apple, Virgin and Dell have truly capitalised the social engagement and interactions with its customers. However the sole-entrepreneur, small company, consultant, coaches and trainers are finding it difficult to add social media to their already busy schedule.

The trick is not to be overwhelmed by social media and find what is suitable for you. I will be covering the insights on the social media platforms over the next few months, so hang in there and we will decode social media together.

Social media like it or not, is big, connected and here to stay! How do you use social media? Does it have a big impact on your business?

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